Modern Wing is an electro indie pop duo hailing from Chicago, Illinois consisting of co-songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Michael Mazza and Emily Quinn. Complimenting each other’s strengths, Michael handles guitar, bass, synthesizers, programming and arranging duties and Emily is the vocalist, lyricist, melody writer and plays piano and synthesizers. 

Citing the classic and iconic bands Garbage and Depeche Mode as key influences, the duo’s new ethereal and catchy single “No Better Love” is an interesting juxtaposition of dark sounding music and upbeat lyrics that rewards the listener upon repeated listens. 

The song is about what happens when you choose a path that contradicts the one that was expected of you. While the result of this decision can result in the painful loss of relationships that once seemed permanent, it also reveals the relationships that truly do mean something; those that are worth keeping.

Photo credit: Colette Custin Photography